Jul 22 2013

Need To Keep Track Of Documents? These Four Apps Can Help

Most people will tell you that a paper trail is essential for proper record keeping and database management. Various forms of hard copy for bank accounts, invoices and receipts can often be needed in the event of an audit or other inquiry, so it is simply a good business or personal practice to have this information secure and on-hand. What many fail to realize is that paper copies of this information can become tattered over time or fall into the wrong hands. It is for these reasons that many individuals and businesses alike have begun the process of digitizing their documents to avoid such fates. In the following article, we will discuss four apps that can assist in the process and what each has to offer.

Scanner Pro

Many people require access to a scanner but do not have one in their home or small office, but apps like Scanner Pro can help these individuals access the services they need. Users will be able to use their smartphone cameras to capture any and all documents that need to be stored for future printing or viewing, whether that be photos or text. Once saved, each item is stored in PDF format and can be viewed from virtually any device due to the PDF file’s near universal compatibility. Available via the iTunes App Store, users can download the Scanner Pro app for $6.99.



One of the most popular ways in which to sync and sort all types of data, Evernote can be used to store pictures, documents, notes and much more. Just a few months ago, Evernote was updated to include direct document scanning via your smartphone’s camera function, which helps users upload contracts, pictures and other items of interest. Once scanned into Evernote, the app intuitively identifies text and can be used to search entire documents for specific words and phrases. Currently available on both the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store, Evernote is free and a sensible solution for document storage and synced availability.



The CamScanner app for Android devices makes it simple to capture and store anything from tax receipts to monthly meeting minutes in just a few seconds. Available via the Android Marketplace, CamScanner gives power to its users through the ability to alter image quality before and after they have been scanned and access the synced documents from anywhere where mobile access is available. Documents can be sorted by date, size or grouped into categories, which can help users find what they need in the blink of an eye. This Android app is available for free and makes a great solution for document scanning on the go.


Document Scanner

If you need to scan documents quickly from anywhere in the world, then the Document Scanner for Android smartphones will provide you with every function that a modern, physical scanner offers. Users can quickly scan any type of document and have it deposited in their Google Docs, Evernote, or Dropbox account for future access. If you have large documents that consist of one than more page, the Android app can accommodate and keep each scanned page together in a larger file. Users will also enjoy the ability to organize each scanned document into custom folders for quick retrieval when need be.


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