Jul 17 2013

Three Awesome Apps For Anyone Who Is Considering An In-Ground Swimming Pool

Whether you have just purchased a new home or have been in the same one for years, you may be considering ways in which you can add appeal and functionality to your property. Many home owners would love to have a pool but do not know where to begin – between excavation, the pouring of the pool’s structure and proper maintenance, it can seem overwhelming when you have never handled these tasks before. Thankfully, a variety of mobile applications now exist that can point users in the right direction on a variety of pool construction and maintenance procedures. Below, we will discuss three of these applications and how each can assist you in the process of building and maintaining an in-ground swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Volume

Many people do not at first understand the importance of water volume in an in-ground swimming pool, so they may not be considering the ratios of length, width and depth. Not only can this affect construction costs, but it can also lead to a variance in the cost of maintenance, depending upon the number of gallons in your swimming pool. The Swimming Pool Volume application for Android devices gives users the ability to quickly determine how many gallons of water will be needed to fill any size pool. Users can choose from rectangular, round, ovular or kidney-shaped swimming pools in order to get the most accurate estimates. Currently available for free, the Swimming Pool Volume application can be downloaded via the Android Marketplace.


Build Your Own Swimming Pool

Many people may already have the expertise needed to build an in-ground swimming pool, but are not aware of the exact steps involved in the process. Since swimming pool construction involves various elements of excavation, insulation, pipe fitting and masonry, these skills may have already been acquired through previous home improvement and career-related tasks. The Build Your Own Swimming Pool application is an Android-based solution for those who wish to learn more about the overall process and what to expect. With chapters on the various types of pools available, how water quality impacts performance and installation of various components, you will not have to worry about the job being done improperly. This application is 100% free and currently available for download via the Android Marketplace.


Swimming Pool Ownership Guide

Once your in-ground swimming pool is complete, then comes the process of maintenance and proper care. Whether you are a new home owner who inherited the pool with the property or have just constructed a new pool yourself, there may still be a lot you do not know about pool ownership. Fortunately, the Swimming Pool Ownership Guide application can help clarify many of these unknowns through several chapters of information that are presented in a simple interface. Whether you have questions on pool chemistry or need to know how to remove bugs from your swimming pool, the Swimming Pool Ownership Guide application can be a valuable asset for those who are ready to begin taking care of their new pool. This app is available via the Android Marketplace and is currently a free download.


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