Sep 16 2012

Want To Car-Pool? There’s An App For That

There are many benefits to carpooling; reduced pollution, congestion and less stress. Sharing a ride with others can also result in significant fuel savings as well as lower the cost of vehicle ownership. However, sharing a ride still isn’t a reality for many people. Some may not have an office buddy to share a ride with while others may be accustomed to driving solo. However, there are many services available (some free) that make it easy to share a car.  Let’s take a look at how ride sharing and vehicle sharing is changing in the United States.

Safer And More Cost Efficient

There are a few sites that make it safer and easier than ever before to find a car-pooling buddy.  Many have safety precautions in mind, which may appeal to those who may be hesitant of sharing a car with a complete stranger. Some of these auto sharing services are free while others charge a nominal fee. eRideshare is currently working on developing an app for Android and Iphone owners that will allow users to connect. There is no word yet on when this app will be available but the eRideshare website states that it will be available soon. What these programs and sites are aiming to achieve is to make it easy and convenient for users to connect and make arrangements with one another. People aren’t likely to go through with car sharing if it’s too complicated  of a process but if you make it as easy as checking your e-mail or Facebook, more people will be likely to join. Some of these sites and apps have social networking features which give ride sharers the opportunity to get to know one another beforehand.

One Step At A Time

Proponents of ride sharing aren’t asking car owners to completely give up their cars and stop driving. Sharing a ride just a few days a week can make a significant difference when it comes to congestion, environmental pollution and even reduce wear and tear on ones vehicle. Studies show that 76% of Americans currently commute to work solo.

Car Sharing With Zipcar

For those who may want to drive a car solo from time to time there is always the option of Zipcar. This membership based option is a great option for urban dwellers who may find themselves using public transit most of the time but may want a car for occasional weekend road trips.  Zipcar also offers an app for smart phone users making it convenient and easy to reserve a car any time.

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