Jun 13 2013

Get The Most Out Of The Marketing Perks That Come With Your Web Hosting Package – Even When Your Site Isn’t Monetized

Getting a web hosting package for your new blog is generally a good idea. While you can host blogs for free with things like WordPress and Blogger, this doesn’t allow you to have your own domain and can look a bit amateurish. Web hosting, to the extent you need for a personal blog, an affiliate marketing blog or a blog for a certain niche, doesn’t need to cost more than a few dollars a month; you often get a lot of interesting and helpful perks that can help you make your site better.

These perks generally include things like page design tools, add-ons and analytics services, however what many web hosts now give their new users are packages for website promotion, and these can add real value to your hosting.

What Kind Of Marketing Perks Do Hosts Offer?

You will usually get a certain amount of free credit for Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or other popular targeted advertising services. These tend to range from about $50 in total value to $200, and that can actually get you quite a lot of advertising. While these are offered as an incentive for you to choose a given web host and also to allow you to try out these advertising services, to give you an idea of whether it is worth paying for them in future, a lot of people don’t take full advantage of them.

This might be because they don’t understand how they work, or because they think that because their personal blog or niche site isn’t selling anything there is no reason to have what would normally be paid advertising.

Why You Should Always Use Your Marketing Credits

While web hosting isn’t expensive (assuming you haven’t opted for a super dedicated hosting server for some reason!), it is still an investment you have made in your new site, so by not using all of the things that come with it you aren’t getting the best value.

Also, even if you haven’t got a specific product to market and you aren’t monetizing your site, you still surely want to get as much traffic as you can from your target audience, even if just to know that the people you think would be interested in what you’ve written are finding it.

The kind of advertising you can do with Facebook Ads and Google Ad Words using your marketing credits gives you an opportunity to reach people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say. This could mean that you target people in your local area, people with certain interests that they have expressed through their Facebook likes, or people who have been searching for or talking about certain keywords.

Look for hosting packages that offer competitive marketing bonuses, and make sure you use them in their entirety. This can really help kick start your blog or site by giving you an initial boost in traffic, and hopefully winning you a few people who will become regular readers.

This post was contributed by Victor Brown; he is an IT expert and he works to provide effective hosting solutions to clients. During his time off from work, he likes to play baseball or indulge in blogging.

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